lundi 15 décembre 2008


Dear brother and sister,

Welcome to the blog of John the Baptist Mission. The organizing committee of John the Baptist Mission took the opportunity to warmly welcome you to this important visit his blog.

We appreciate your commitment and sacrifice that you have consented to be there. We strongly believe that the Lord is go to accomplish great things in our country these days.

Despite the new alarm and disincentives that the media continue to give us.

We remain convinced that the eternal plan of God is done in our blessed continent before the glorious return of the Prince of princes and kings of King Jesus King of nations. Africa is our Africa has a future, and that future rests on the shoulders of the Christian Youth of the continent. The Lord still needs Africa for the last harvest.

In the history of humanity, our continent has played an important role in the redemptive plan of God. Simon siren of Africans who help Jesus on the road to Golgotha where the Lord suffered, falling, blood flowing by land because of us carrying his cross instead of the skull where the Lord was crucified on the cross, he said, everything is done for you and me remember that at the birth of our savior Jesus in this heat which killed the children, fled with him to come and take refuge in Africa?

The time has yet come when the continent is called once again for help in fulfilling the vision of God. Jean Baptiste mission is to remind us all that great call and encourage us to take an active part in the plan of God.

As the father of modern mission, "Waiting for great things for God, expect great things of God. The time has come for young people to expect great things for God and especially to rejoice in the great things that the Lord will do in our country through us.

" Christian youth in Africa, let us rally to proclaim loud and clear victory of our Lord in our nations. Do we have a responsibility to inconvertis?

Can we consider inconvertis around us who are going without realizing it to destruction, without being affected? Can we think of the ruin that is stalking a world without unholy cry over it? If Jesus wept over a city, do not we should have compassion for the world which remains in wickedness and led to the trial?

Do we not had to use every opportunity to warn the unbelievers and persuade them urgently, as Paul did, to be reconciled with God? God tells us that "it is not no perish but that all come to repentance" (2 Peter 3: 9).

The same grace of God who saved us, is offered to them (Ephesians 2: 8-9). Without the Gospel, they are destined for eternal damnation by God (jean3: 18) Is it possible to enjoy selfishly our own security and allow the love and grace of the father are not announced, without warning sinners of the next trial?

"Anyone who reduced a sinner of the error of his way will save a soul from death" (James 5: 20) God expects us semance portions to the other, and we even held responsible see Ezekiel 3: 18.20. May we be encouraged to pray, to monitor and work for Christ and souls! Christian youth in Africa, let us rally to proclaim loud and clear victory of our Lord in our nations.

Let us dream together! pray, plan, work together so that the great commandment of the Lord Jesus is doing in our nations for which we are responsible.


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