lundi 15 décembre 2008

Urgent Prayer Request

Pray together and Working together.

Beloved this John Baptist mission prayer request

1- Please pray so the Lord open the financial doors for us to rent another house or buy a house for our ministry.
2- Please pray for John Baptist Mission Burundi Branch so the Lord protect them and open the door for them to take care of the orphans and plant a new churches in many villages there and Pray for John Baptist Mission Cameroun, Canada, Burkina Faso, Benin , Germany so the Lord bless them and protect them and open the door for them.

3- Pray for Prophetess Karen Washington who would come here in March 2009 for a program.
Pray so the Lord Protect him, open the Door for him and So God anointed him much and his coming in Togo be a blessing for this country in Jesus name.

4-Pray for our missionaries in village of Keve , Assahoun and other villages in Togo here.

5-Pray so The Lord open the door and bless much the friends and sisters in the Lord who encourage us and help us.Those call me sometimes and encourage so the Lord bless them.
6-Pray for our Project of Radio Program in 2009 and other project of Church Planting in some villages in Togo and pray for the North of Togo as well because many Pastors and Workers has stay in Lome only and people who don't hear the gospel died in the North of Togo and those has a moslem people.
7-Pray for Africa Arise vision we have staterd and I am a coordinator of that project and we need finances to train, equip, and send missionaries in all the world to preach and plant churches.
8- Pray for Missionary Bettinan Stevens in USA, Pray Samuel Raimondi in France who put some motobike and search some car to buy and put some materials on for the ministry in Togo. Pray so the Lord bless them and open the doors for them much and protect them in Jesus name and pray for all our prayer partners and those who have in their heart to support us and don't have the abilities to do this now. pray so the Lord bless them and open the door for them.

9-Pray for my country and the government and many villages who need to hear the gospel.

10-Pray for Missionary Nyonato Yawovi the vision holder so the Lord protect him from all plan of ennemies in Jesus name and pray for their family.

May God bless you much for all your support.

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