samedi 4 avril 2009


Call for help
I'm going to tell you many friends yesterday came and share to me so he want to be in full-time ministry now with me and wondered if you would like to be a monthly ,weekend etc supporter so we can preach the gospel , win and train the workers who can bring the gospel to the un-reached people! Praise the Lord! We will pray for you, your ministry or business, and your finances every day!
Here is Christ’s promise just before He went up into Heaven:
“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” John 14:27
I learned this song:
He’s coming back again, He’s coming back again.He went away but not to stay, He’s coming back again. He’s coming back again, He’s coming back again. Sing Glory, Hallelujah! He’s coming back again!

I am believing for great salvations and healings to take place.
My friend, we love you and are here to pray for you. Send me your prayer requests today and if the Lord has blessed you sow a special financial gift to help us with the many outreaches of this Ministry.
God Bless YOU!

Contact us if you want to be a part of Jesus outreach ministry.
Our contact:

John Baptist Ministry

Email: /

13 P.O.BOX:79 Lome TOGO

Phone: Mobile: (+228) 931 93 20 / 963 27 85
Office : (+228) 225 02 49 / 238 79 45

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CaptainChurch a dit…


~Humanity needs empathy & Love urgently~~~~
"In Union there is Strength"
~Real equality, love, hope and order for all Haitians~Haitien
{groups---no chat:: 5 permanent monographs}
~And for All humanity~
Will you help save lives by spreading this?
Jim Sorrell
~SUICIDE VACCINE::Impulsive depression/suicide_terrorism/
terrorism/bombing prevention~
[groups---no chat: permanent monographs or essays]
~Comatose, 'entertained-to-death' humans
must wake up and learn how to defend themselves
from their worst enemies {not your fellow human beings},
and have a real, natural, life for the 1st time in a century,
learning what real love is {Agapeo, phileo, eros}
and that it isn't applied to lower life forms {flora & fauna} or
possessions/material things
that have no soul, but for The Maker of All Things [GOD] and each
other, equally~
Jim Sorrell
Union Gospel Mission
Spokane, WA

Georgi a dit…

God bless you and your ministry. We're also like this with financial problems just like many of God's workers, but He will help each of us. Remember that Jesus told Peter to look inside a fish and he found 2 coins to pay taxes to Rome. There are many other aspects to pray for, to pray for your and our faith to grow and to help us spread the gospel of the water and Spirit.
Me and my husband work because no one was willing to support us in this country and I'm to ashamed to ask people for help;
Keep reading free books and your faith will grow and everybody will change around you! God bless you!