mercredi 17 décembre 2008



Jesus says: "Whenever you did for one of these Little Children, is to me that you did.

"(Matthew 25: 40)

To better understand and serve our brothers who have not reached the people, especially those in Africa, often rejected, we use to perform on his om a work of love. In seeking ways to achieve our vision (reach non hit), we have learned patience and perseverance.

Like children, we open our hands to welcome the hand of God and our brothers who tend to us. "In truth, I stated: whenever you did for one of these smaller who are my brothers, it is me that you did. " Living next to the "small" without seeing is to live without seeing Christ.

To all of you, dear friends who have at heart our department, thank you to reach out and give us the means to accomplish the steps of faith necessary to accomplish this important project. ¨ love and serve JESUS CHRIST Our prayer, drawn from the lyrics of a song, is as follows: O God, keep us small in front of your face; Burning love and full of joy, Keep us from our little brothers, Simple way to their steps.

Those were the words of Jesus to his disciples (Luc9: 13) when they were faced with the seemingly impossible task of feeding a crowd of five thousand men gathered to listen to the Lord. The disciples would kindly return them, but Jesus has forced them to watch the opposite problem! To us who work and pray for the expansion of the Gospel in Africa, this challenge is directly launched.

It is even more pressing today than those who hunger for the Word of Life are very numerous. Our prayer is that the blind in general and those in Francophone Africa in particular can eat and be satisfied that Word that gives life! (Matthew 9: 36-38) saw the crowd, he was moved compassion for her, because she was languid and slaughtered like sheep without a shepherd point.

Then he said to his disciples: the harvest is great, but there are few workers. Pray therefore the Lord of the harvest to send laborers into his harvest.

May God bless you

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